Who We Are?


Every performer has a little gem, a little pearl they have done that nobody pays much attention to. And then one day, somebody does recognize it, which is so gratifying.

Leonard Shaun, Kiwi born Australian – Canadian, schooled in Australia. Who began his career in the jewelry industry as a goldsmith. His early interest in Gemstone connoisseur – ship led him to travel extensively. Leonard Shaun has been a contributing editor with Gem market news. From the ruby mines of upper Burma to the Australian outback, from the Brazilian hinterland to the black pearl farms of Tahiti, from Tanzania’s Umba River to the Emerald mines of Colombia, his search for rare and beautiful gemstones has taken him to the world most important Gem producing areas. 

The company has been growing, steadily and consistently, into a reliable source for quality gemstones. Specializing in variety of Gemstones, a wide range of semi-precious stones meaning you can find anything you are looking for when it comes to beautiful, high-quality gems. His passion shows through in each of our products. While he aim high, and don’t forget his humble beginnings.

Our objective is to bring the best nature has to offer, to you in it’s purest form, in the most transparent way possible. Transparency and passion are key parts in this industry, and as a company we thrive to share those values with you. No matter what your needs are, we will do our best to meet and exceed expectations.